Friday, 25 April 2014

Temple 84-Yashimaji; Temple 85-Yakuriji; Temple 86-Shidoji

Had a wonderful stay at the Kirara onsen last night. Was able to soak those aching muscles. The good thing is they open at 6 am, so you can use it before leaving in the morning.
The weather looks like another nice day for walking.
Well, the walk up to temple 84 was more of a hike that I was anticipating. The climb was a nice paved hiking path up to the temple, but it was much higher than I thought. I started to use my SAT NAM breathe work to help me make the climb. There were local walkers, that probably do the hike for exercise, as I passed them, as they were walking very slowly. As I got higher and higher, I could hear all these children voices, like they were playing. I thought, they must be at the temple playing, so I am almost there. Wrong.  I came across this school group of about 200 kids, probably between 5 - 7 years old, slowly walking up the hill with their teachers. They all had their colorful pink hats on. As I was walking faster than them, they all wanted to say "ohio godimus " - good morning in Japanese, and expected me to reply, as I was huffin and puffin, my way up the mountain. So I had to oblige. Picture 2 is some of the school group with their pink hats, as they broke them up in groups to walk around the temple.
I really liked Temple 84 and I could have spent a half or full day there. They had a temple museum and garden, which I would have liked to see, but didn't have enough time planned for it.
Picture 1and 3 are the Main Hall. Picture 4 is the 7 lucky deities statues. Picture 5 is a pagoda along with gate roof and part of the bell tower.
The hike down the other side of the mountain was treacherous (which is an understatement). It was very steep with lots of huge steps. Sometimes there was a rope handrail to hold onto, so you didn't fall. It made the walk up the other side of the mountain look like a piece of cake now. The shortest way to the next temple was to walk down the other side of the mountain. It was a killer on my knees and quads.
Then once you made it down, you had to walk on level ground thru the town, then up to the next mountain and temple.
Thanks Dara for mentioning the tram car. I was so tired, by the time I reached it, on my way to temple 85, I thought it is worth the ¥560 (one way). I thought I could walk down the other side of the mountain on the shortest way to Temple 86. I was so tired when I brought the ticket, that when the guy pointed the direction,  I saw the tram car sitting there, so open the door to go get in. Next thing this lady came running, yelling something in Japanese. I think the gist of it was I had to wait in the waiting room til I could board. I thought why did the ticket guy point me in the tram direction. I was so tired, I felt like I was in a daze. When these two ladies said something in Japanese, I thought they were asking where I was from and I replied, Canada, but I don't think that is what they were asking, as there were strange looks. They had a look of disgust on their face and probably thought "stupid foreigner". I thought I am so tired,  I don't care and plunged down my day pack (which felt like it weight a ton) and got out the half bottle of cold drink (I brought at the last vending machine). I downed it along with a couple candy bars I received as osettai at the last temple. I figured I needed the energy. I felt much better afterwards. Thank heavens for the world of vending machines, at every corner in Japan (well not every corner, but at lots of places, except when you really need a cold drink). The two ladies continued to chatter to each other and stick their head around the corner to see what I was doing next.
Finally, the lady that scolded me, opened the door and said dozo. I expected the two ladies to board as well, but they didn't and I was the only passenger.
It was a nice ride up and I sat up front for the view , next to the lady who scolded me, that was the operating the tram. I was feeling a bit better, after the short rest.
Temple 85 was a nice temple and I could have easily spent a half day at the temple. Picture 5 is of the gate. Picture 6 is of the Main Hall and picture 7 is of red pagoda. But I had one more temple to do and a mountain to climb down, so couldn't spend allot of time enjoying it. The way down was on a country road, so was a much more pleasant and safer descend. Like yesterday, there I was, my walking stick in one hand and my Route Guide book in the other. I felt like a traveling preacher with the bible in one hand. Every once in a while I would stop and look and read from the Route Guide and sometimes ask people questions from it, to figure where I was. It was still steep in places on the way down, and still a killer on the knees, but at least it was smooth pavement, not rocks and tree roots to climb over. Better than on the way down from temple 84. About half way down, there was this pond you could look down about 10 feet from above. I saw a bird (like a crane) diving for food. Then I heard these loud splashes. I looked and there were all these turtles sitting on a cement ledge, sun bathing and a couple decided to jump in the water. I noticed about six turtles swimming (all about 18 inches in diameter) and four sitting on the ledge. They swam for a bit and then just seemed to float. It was a good rest break (and just what I needed) from the hard walk down.
Made it to temple 86 around 2:30 pm, so had about 30 minutes to wait before I could check into the minshuku. The minshuku was close by. Picture 8 is the pagoda at Temple 86.
I had a hard time figuring out, which building was my minshuku. I asked a lady in the sweet shop and she guided me to the place. I would have never found it otherwise.
It is an older minshuku called Ishiya, but I love the character. Just like in the movies where there are these connecting corridors overlooking small zen gardens. My room is up a set of narrow stairs. When I slid one of the Japanese panels, there was this wonderful sitting area with two wicker chairs, overlooking one of the zen gardens. A great place to sit and write my blog.
The owner is very nice. In his limited English, he told me supper was at 6 pm (and showed me where, on our way by) and bath would be in 20 minutes. That is all I needed to know for now. I will pay at supper and find out the breakfast time then. As well, he wanted to know if Japanese food OK. I said yes. At supper it will be interesting to see how many people are staying here or if I am the only one (as it is awful quiet).
All in all, another great day. Good weather, bit tired, but hopefully will get a good nights sleep tonight for the mountain climb to Temple 88 tomorrow. The grand finale.

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  1. Up to 88 I took the road path. I wish I had taken the mountain path from the center. Some say it is a problem in the rain but I think that after all you have done it would be not a problem.