Thursday, 10 April 2014

Temple 44-Daihoji

Hard to think that temple 44 will be the half way point. It was an early morning. The owner of minshuku is very nice. At breakfast, she gave both me and another ohenro a lunch box of three rice balls and some pickles. As well, she gave us a lucky 5 yen coin as osettai. I am really glad I stayed there. 
I was able to catch the 6:55 am train OK. Made it OK to temple 44. Yes, I made it half way. While at the temple there was an American tour group. As usual there was a short mountain climb to the temple.
I've included three pictures I took for the blog. The first one is a statue holding a baby and a bunch of baby statues behind it.
The second picture is of the main Buddha Hall with the steps leading to it.
The third picture is of the Main Gate. Look closely at each side of the entrance where there are huge straw sandals, which are remade every 100 years.
I hiked back and found my accommodations (Garden Time) OK. It is like a Business Hotel with my own bathroom and shower. It had a bed instead of a futon to sleep on.

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