Friday, 4 April 2014

Temple 31-Chikurinji; Temple 32-Zenjibuji; Temple 33-Sekkeiji

Last night the hotel called to see if I wanted breakfast at 7 am. I said yes to try it. It is only a 17 km day so could start later, barring I don't get lost along the way.
Had a wonderful breakfast. Well worth the 1000 Yen or about $10 CAD. Miso soup, salad, rice, assorted pickles including small pickled plum, scrambled egg for a change and a small bowl of three pieces of fresh fruit.
After paying the bill with my Visa, as I waited in bated breath, to see if the pin would work. The first time, not so good. The second time, good. It worked.
Temple 31 was beautiful and peaceful, as it was quiet, early in the morning. It had a beautiful pagoda, which I have included the photo (picture 1). The walk to temple 32 was interesting with more rice fields being planted, which I took a picture of (picture 3) .
Kukai must have liked mountains, because these two temples were a hike up a mountain as the final stretch. Temple 32 (picture 2) had a beautiful view from the hill top. It was quiet at first, but then a bus tour arrived. Time to secretly practice my heart sutra with them, even thought I already said the heart sutra, before getting my book stamped. One more time for good luck I thought.
Since I had WiFi at the hotel, I checked the weather. Low of +5 and high of+10 with sun mixed with cloud. Good walking weather.
After spending some time at temple 32, I headed off to temple 33 (pictures 6 & 7). Today is definitely the sights and sounds of Japan. I saw these beautiful fish kites, which I took a picture of (picture 5). I remember them from previous trips to Japan to visit Cheryl. I forget what they are called in Japanese. Then on the way to the ferry, I passed a high school, which were doing their band practice. I stopped to listen and rest. These two ladies who I showed my book and that I was looking for the ferry earlier on, were impressed I was from Canada and smiled as they caught up to me listening to the wonderful band music coming from what looked like the school gym.
Along the way today I saw lots of tsunami evacuation signs. I took a picture of one (picture 4). I also saw a couple evacuation towers being built. The Japanese government are doing a good job protecting their citizens.
I arrived at the ferry terminal early, so had about 40 minutes to wait, so took my shoes off, to cool my feet. I enjoyed some more royal milk tea I found in a vending machine along the way. I brought some cinnamon curled snacks the night before when buying my supper bento box. I had them before when I visited Cheryl in Japan and enjoyed them again for lunch, while I waited for the ferry.
Temple 33 wasn't on a hill top, thank heavens. I was reading it used to be a Zen Temple before becoming a Shingon Temple.
Since it was around 2 pm and check in is around 3 pm, I decided to take the scenic route. Big mistake. It took longer and there was a mountain to climb to get to the hotel. It started to spit rain just as it said another 150 meters. Boy, were they sure a long 150 meters, uphill.
Checked in and got to select supper and breakfast times. I could tell by all the kids it was a weekend and allot of families at the hotel.
The room is 5 tatami mat size with a small alcove and separate toilet room. Yeah. As well there is a sitting area with a fantastic view of the beach and harbour. I can see why Dara recommended it when I met with him. It is called Kokumin-shukusha Katsurahama-so and was about $100 CAD. Next time I will have to try for a non-weekend as the floor is noisy with the kids but they quieted down by 9 pm. Last night's room and was so quiet in comparison. When I checked out the next morning, the receptionist mentioned it was much cheaper during the week days for ohenros (as they have an ohenro rate), but weekends are more expensive because lots of Japanese families come for weekend stay.
Didn't get lost today. Just took a scenic tour, which was a longer walk than I expected but not the end of the world.
All in all, a good walking day, weather wise and distance wise.

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