Sunday, 20 April 2014

Temple 68-Jinnein; Temple 69-Kan-onji; Temple 70-Motoyamaji

Well my blogger app blew up on my phone and got stuck, so I had to reinstall it. Hence, I lost my text and pictures for these temples.

So I will have to do an abbreviated version.

Breakfast was at 6 am. I was expecting either a raw egg or nato but there was neither. Instead it was a cooked egg.

I hit the road for the 10 km hike at 6:30 am. It was cloudy and very cool. I had to wear my fleece pullover all day. Later it started to rain lightly. Instead of putting on my rain coat, I decided to use my folding umbrella, I brought at the Dogen Onsen, which is navy blue with red, pink and white cherry blossoms on it. I didn't care how it looked, at least I was reasonably dry. One farmer in his truck drove by, when I was walking by the vegetable fields and had a smile on his face. Probably thought crazy foreigner with the wild colored umbrella.

I forgot to mention yesterday about the cat at Temple 67. There was this small shelter where there was a white and ginger cat sleeping. There was a box with money in it. I figured it was donations for the temple cat. When I was at the wash station the cat came and jumped and sat on the ledge in front of me. I said "Are you thirsty?" and put some water in a ladle and she drank from it. A couple Japanese ohenros came to the wash station and had a look of disgust. I thought but the temple cat is thirsty.
I put more water in the ladle a few times and the cat happily licked it up. Then all of a sudden a bus tour group arrived, and as they busily jockeyed to wash their hands the cat disappeared. I seemed to notice that when the bus tours arrive lately, there is this commotion to get their routine done in a hurry. They all hustle around to do the routine, ringing the bell, lighting the candle and incense, to do their chants, so they can load quickly back on the buses.

Today on the way to Temple 68, I saw these Japanese cranes busily catching fish in the river. It was interesting to just stop and watch.

When I got to Temple 68 there were signs explaining where Temple 69 was. I couldn't figure if they were separate or connected. When I went to get my book stamped they stamped for both temples. Anyway, I never did find temple 69, but had my book stamped. I met a Japanese ohenro couple at temple 70 and asked and they said they were connected into one.

Since I was early to register for the business hotel, I went McDonald's close by for the  Japanese McDonald's experience. Had the chicken with avocado and it was very tasty. When I finally tried to check-in I was told not til 4 pm. Can't figure it out if it is at 3 or 4 pm. I asked if I could leave my bag and if there was an onsen close by, my muscles were still sore from yesterday's climb. They said yes and called a taxi. The owner gave me a coupon to use the onsen for free, which was nice. It was a huge onsen with all these pools outside. In the park nearby there was a drumming festival, which we could watch from the window in the change room.

Anyway, this is my abbreviated blog as my first draft got screwed up somehow. I had some pictures from Temple 70, which had this old pagoda listed as one of Japan's national treasures. However, they disappeared some how. Hopefully I am going to try and see if I can find them on the phone and reattach them. Hopefully, I will have better success with tomorrow's blog post.

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