Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Temple 39-Enkoji & Temple 40-Kanjizaiji

Last night had a wonderful Japanese supper. Lots of fish (cooked), sashimi, wonderful shrimp baked in sauce in a shell. Then there was a cooker which I thought was vegetables but instead was two huge oysters. The owner takes great pride in preparing the food and it was very good and tasty.
Woke up early for 6 am breakfast, which was good. The miso soup had some kind of shell fish on the bottom. Didn't know if you were suppose to eat it or not. So I opted to not eat it. Last night before checking in, I ran into a British and a Spanish guy who were walking the pilgrimage and camping. They were looking for a good camping spot. They found it a long 3 day walk mostly on roads. I said I used the train/bus option and planned to catch the 7:05 am bus back. They said they might join me.
Sure enough they decided to use the bus for most of the road part. The owner of the minshuku gave me a couple of rice balls to take for lunch. When I found out they didn't have breakfast, I gave it to them as osettai and they woofed it down. I said I am not ready to do it camping style this time, maybe next time. They said they really had to plan food since there are sometimes long stretches with no place to buy food.
I had a good chance to talk with them. The British guy had recently lost his job and had done the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain and wanted to do this pilgrimage as he prepares to transition to another job.
Was able to catch the train to temple 39. There is an eye washing well, claimed to cure eye sickness. As well, it is believed that a turtle with a red bell on its back came to this temple from the ocean. The first picture is of the temples and the second one is a statue of the turtle.
Walked to temple 40 where I am staying this evening. The third picture is of the temple buildings. Inside the main Buddha Hall is very beautiful. There was a row of Buddha statues which is the fourth picture. Since there is no food provided at the temple accommodations, I walked to the closest grocery store and brought a bento box and some oranges and bananas for breakfast.
I checked in and think I am the only one staying here. It is so quiet. I had my evening bath around 6 pm and was able to do a load of laundry since it had been two days and they were sweaty from the walk.
Tomorrow I am going to try and catch the 7:11 am bus because it is 48 km to temple 41. There are temples with some long stretches. Then I will walk to temple 42 and 43, about 15 km.
The weather was warm and sunny.  Hope the good weather keeps up. Not much else to report.

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