Thursday, 24 April 2014

Temple 82-Negoroji and Temple 83-Ichinomiyaji

Today is planned for about a 17 km walk, hopefully mostly downhill. Went to the onsen before breakfast and they have a wonderful outside pool, where you can sit and look out at the beautiful misty morning Japanese mountains and city, as everything begins to wake up. It was nice to just sit and meditate, and absorb the beauty. It gave me a quiet time to reflect on my pilgrimage journey so far, and look forward to the next 3 days. Yesterday, I started to walk slower to take in the beauty around me. Guess part of me is not looking forward to the pilgrimage being over.
It was a beautiful walk to temple 82. I thought, maybe, because where I was staying, they talked about a plateau, there would be no mountains to climb on the way to temple 82. I was wrong. Of course, you had to walk down and then back up. It wasn't as bad as yesterday. To get to temple 82, there were lots of stairs, of course.
Picture 1 is temple 82 Main Hall and picture 2 is of the gate.
You had to backtrack a bit to start the descent from temple 82. The view was spectacular on the way down. Just before temple 82 there were all these posters, which look like someone had lost their pet bunny. I kept an eye out, but never saw him.
The walk down was a killer, with some of the steep trails. My feet were just burning at one point.
After I reached the bottom, it was a long walk thru city street. I decided to walk the cycling Road path along the river, which a British guy I met at temple 82 (who was living in Takamatsu City with his Japanese wife), mentioned was the best way. It made the walk much more easier instead of trying to find the markers weaving through the city. My feet were still burning by the time I reached temple 83. At one point there was this little dog, that was running up to all the workers who were heading back after lunch. I stopped to play with him and then he headed on his way home. He was white and brown and the size of Chibi. He reminded me of Chibi and Hanako.
When I arrived at temple 83, this large bus group took over the place. I decided to the wait til they left, before I did my routine. Pictures 3 and 4 are taken at temple 83.
All on all, another wonderful day, with nice weather for walking and with beautiful scenery.
Tomorrow the plan is to do temples 84, 85 and 86.

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  1. It is a steep walk up to 85. You can take the cable car though. I had only a little time at 85 but I think there may be much to see there somehow. I met a classical guitar player who had played Carnegie Hall there who was very nice. Enjoy the day.