Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Koyasan Day 2

Reflecting on yesterday, I realized time is irreverent. Sometimes you have lots, sometime you have none, sometimes you don't know what to do with it. There were times yesterday when waiting for the train I had to tell myself be patient, and just wait for the next train. No big deal. If you are to early you can't check in til 3 pm anyways. Sometimes it is nice to take the extra time and enjoy it in quiet thought.
This morning, I went to the 5:55 am morning service. Since I was ready early, I decided to go early and enjoyed just sitting in the main hall quietly meditating, while the monks stood there to greet people as they arrived. It was an interesting chanting service. At the end, the head monk gave a talk, which was very animated, even though I didn't understand the words, the body language and tone was vibrant. I am sure he was an actor in another life. After the service, I had breakfast in my room before heading out to explore. It rained last night and is still raining and cold outside. Looks like sakura cherry blossom umbrella day.
Picture 1 is of the main temple entrance I am staying at. Picture 2 is the Zen garden view from my room. It is nice to sit on a chair and look out at the Zen garden while typing my blog.
Well, it pretty well rained steady all day. I was just glad I wasn't walking on the pilgrimage. At least I could duck into buildings to get out of the rain. They don't allow any photography in the temples and it was raining too hard outside to take any pictures with my phone, so I never bothered. As well, it was so cool outside with the dampness, made it a yucky day. There are lots of foreigners walking around and I would say "nice day if you are a duck".
In the English brochure it mentions to try Yakimochi, which is a famous confectionary of Koyasan. I found the shop that made them. They had a place to sit and enjoy them, with free hot tea. Picture 3 is of two Yakimochi - one is green tea and one is plain that I enjoyed. They are a kind of mochi filled with red bean paste and fried on a grill. Picture 4 is of the man making them in the front window of the shop. They were very tasty and I enjoyed them. It was a nice break to get out of the rain.
Besides the rain, had a good day exploring Koyasan. Tomorrow I make my way to Kyoto for a day before heading back to Tokyo.

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