Friday, 21 March 2014

Wow.......tomorrow is the big day.....

Can't believe tomorrow is the big day to leave for my trip to Japan.

Wow....what a day a work!!!!! It was very hectic with dealing with some last minute problems, but by being busy, made the day go by so fast.

Many THANKS to Debbie, for arranging for the Canadian pins, to have to give out to the monk at each temple. It was very much appreciated and helped make my day.

As well, many THANKS to Linda, for the surprise treats in the afternoon and the get together of the whole team in wishing me a "BON VOYAGE".

Many THANKS to all my fellow employees (Team Leader, Manager, etc.), who dropped by my desk, to wish me well on my trip and adventure. I know I have left things in good hands with Marina, who had to put up with my many phone calls, to work out the fun we were having with our problems today.

Not sure how well I will sleep, with the weather forecast calling for 10 to 15 cm of snow in Ottawa in the morning. I was looking at going to the airport early to see about catching an earlier flight, since I only have two hours to connect to my Ottawa to Tokyo flight.

Then around 10 pm I received a phone call from Air Canada advising me my 10 am flight from Ottawa has been cancelled and wanted to see about putting me on an earlier flight. I said that would be GREAT with me. They mentioned the only option was to put me on the 7 am flight. I said that would be definitely OK with me, as I rather be there early, verses missing the one direct flight from Toronto to Tokyo.

So, it looks like an early morning start tomorrow. I usually don't get much sleep before I leave for a trip anyway, so will do my last minute packing stuff and then try to get a couple hours of sleep.

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