Friday, 28 March 2014

Temples 13 to 18

Another early start to the day. Breakfast at 6 am. Today had real nato. I tried it the way Masa showed me, but could only eat half of it. The place I stayed at was nice with a regular bed verses a futon to sleep on. I also had a small bathroom with small tub with hose for shower. It was nice to have a shower in the morning verses having to take bath at night. I had breakfast with one other ohenro that was staying at the same place. We didn't talk much as my Japanese was not good enough.
I started walking at 6:30 am to temple 13. The temples were reasonably close today. It was an easier day walking as there were no mountains to climb. The first picture is of temple 14.
The second picture is a sample of the sign post sticker you have to keep an eye open for. Sometimes if you don't see one for awhile, ones mind starts to take over that maybe you weren't paying attention when you should have. You start to think "did I miss the last turn", "should I go back and find the last one". Then one will magically appear.
The third picture is of temple 16, whereas, the fourth and fifth are of temple 17. The last one is a cherry tree in full blossom close to the minshuku I am staying at. It was awesome and so beautiful.
I was able to make it by 3 pm. I was able to take the train as planned to save some time between 17 and 18. I decided that in order to complete the pilgrimage with the time I had, I would have to use trains and buses for the longer distances, where I could easily use them. Since, I was early I decided to walk to temple 18 and start at temple 19 tomorrow.
When checking my feet this morning I noticed a small bump on the side of my heel. I didn't think it was a blister,  so just put a bandage on it to be on the safe side. Later in the afternoon I could feel it just a bit. When I checked it, sure enough it was my first blister. Out with the first aid kit and needle to drain it while at the minshuku. I put on some second skin and a blister patch and will see how it is in the morning. 
All in all a good day. Didn't get lost. Had a few moments of "did I miss a turn". The forecast called for 40% chance of rain. I was lucky again, just overcast, no rain.
Tomorrow looks like a hard day with a couple hard climbs. Was able to wash my clothes by hand and figure out for 100yen I could dry them for 60 mins in the dryer.
Plan is for an early night and for an early start this morning.

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