Monday, 24 March 2014

Day in Tokyo

Today we took the train to Shinjuku, where we have to catch the overnight bus to Shikoku, to start our ohenro walk. Yesterday I stopped at the Post office and was able to withdraw cash using my bank card. I was glad to find it worked, as I will be able to use it during my walk. 
We visited the SHINJUKU GYOEN NATIONAL GARDEN where we got to see many cherry trees starting to blossom. It was very warm and sunny. We visited the huge greenhouse which had lots of orchids and some orchids that are on the endangered list. I have attached a picture of the Zen garden where we ate our bento box lunches. After the visit to the garden we went for coffee where I tried to connect to Wi-Fi to save on my data usage, as I already went over my first 15M and had to buy more to post to my blog. Hopefully I will learn how to get WiFi when staying at business hotels, otherwise will have to limit the pictures I will be adding to my blog.
We visited Tokyo town hall and went up to the 45th floor observatory in both the south and north tower where you can see Mount Fuji on a clear day, but today it wasn't clear enough. After a hike to see if we could find an onsen open to relax at before our overnight bus trip, (only to find it not open), we took the subway back to Shinjuku station, where we rested. We had a nice supper meal with croquette potatoes, which was very creamy, along with a finely shredded cabbage salad. We still had a couple hours to killed before catching the 9 hour overnight bus to Tokoshima, where we will start the ohenro pilgrimage walk.
I am writing this blog on the overnight bus, which is so different. There are three seats in a row with an aisle between each one. You get a blanket and the seat reclines about 60 degrees so you can try to sleep. I am next to the washroom, which you go down some steps to the belly of the bus. When I went to use it, I felt sorry for the guy behind me, as he is tall and his legs are all twisted like Houdini, trying to sleep. Note to Cheryl, the bus would not be comfortable for you because of your height.
Please excuse any typing mistakes, as it is hard to key on the small Nexus phone keypad, especially with a moving shaking bus.
All I know is if it wasn't for Kaz, I would have never found the bus station. I am still feeling the jet lag and my body is slowly adjusting. Here it is 2am, and I am wide awake on the bus. Hope I survive day one and don't turn into a walking zombie, which is what I felt like today. The plan is to walk the first 6 temples and stay at temple 6 for the 1st full day of walking. 
Time to sign off and if my posts get behind, it could be I wasn't able to figure out how to connect to the Wi-Fi.

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