Saturday, 29 March 2014

Some more notes from yesterday.

The Japanese supper was good last night. Looks like only 3 of us as guests. I had a nice relaxing bath after I arrived before supper. The room is a 6 tatami mat size room with futon to sleep on.
Supper was some tempura, sashimi, assorted pickles, noodle soup, rice, and a small soup bowl with a cover on it to keep it warm. I thought it was dessert as it looked like warm custard. However, when I ate it, it was not sweet and had some vegetables in it. Not sure what it was. Will have to find out from Kaz or Masa after the trip. Dessert was a strawberry and slice of apple. Everything is so nicely arranged on the tray and the dishes.
Today I met a nice couple from Australia with full camping backpack. It looked so heavy. I am so glad I shipped all those things I decided I didn't need back to Kaz's place at Temple 11. My pack feels so much better now.
As well, met these two older ladies, one who spoke good English. She was from Tokushima and her friend was from Osaka. Wish I had more time to chat with them but I had to press on. They were walking as well and met them at a few temples.
Also met a Japanese walker who spoke some English. I learned later her name was Kayoko. One time as I was walking I could see she was behind me in a distance. I thought great, I must be going in the right direction. At a traffic light she caught up with me and we exchanged greetings. She was a fast walker and zoomed ahead. I thought good I can follow her, which I did and suddenly she disappeared. I thought, which way did she go. Then around the corner and the temple was magically there.
So when I was doing my temple ceremony, I have been lighting my candle from another candle. Kayoko commence to tell me that I should not do this, as it is bad karma. I felt like a school kid being scolded by my teachers. I thanked her and started to use the lighter Kaz loaned to me.
I was awake early this morning, since I went to bed early. So decided to add this to my blog. I am finding it very tricky typing on this smart phone, so do please excuse any typos. I went back and fixed up some from yesterday and did a repost.

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  1. It is so charming to see the cherry and other flower are blossoming there while in Ottawa we were still having a snow this week. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. -- Mei.