Sunday, 4 May 2014

Narita airport - on my way back home.

Finally able to do up another post as I was having problems with my cell phone connection. Sorry there were no posts for a couple days as Fido cut off my service. They kept calling at 2 am and leaving messages to call back a 1-888 Canadian number, which of course doesn't work from Japan.
So had to wait til I was able to get free WiFi at Narita airport before checking to see if my last post posted OK.
I am at the Narita airport waiting for my flight back to Canada.Should be boarding my flight in about an hour.
Yesterday, I enjoyed the day visiting the temple in Asakusa.  There were lots of people since it is the end of Golden week. Went shopping on the restaurant supply street and was able to buy some cherry blossom shaped dried bread for miso soup I enjoyed at my many stays and some matcha salt.

It will be a long flight back. It was a wonderful trip and a great ohenro experience. Thanks to Kaz for all his help in getting me started, hosting me in Tokyo and all his great suggestions. Thanks to Masa for making all my accommodations bookings, which made my ohenro life so much easier. I had a fantastic trip and an WOW adventure and journey. I am glad and honored to be able to complete the ohenro pilgrimage with kukai's help and be known as an ohenro-san and a Henro Ambassador.

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